About Dr. Sayan

Senior Radiation and Clinical Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Institute, Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata
Ex Senior Radiation Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Institute, Apollo Health City Hospital, Hyderabad
Trained at: Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai . SGPGIMS Lucknow and
King George’s Medical University , Lucknow
Clinical fellowship in AKH, Medical university , Vienna and National Institute of oncology , Budapest
Total Years of Experience: 14 Years

Dr. Sayan Paul is a Radiation Oncologist, practicing at Apollo Cancer Institute , Kolkata .He was working as Senior consultant radiation oncologist at Apollo Hospitals , Hyderabad before joining Apollo Hospitals Kolkata .In the past, he has worked at reputed hospitals such as P D Hinduja national Hospital, Mumbai , Fortis memorial research institute, Gurgaon and Apollo Hospital, Bilaspur.

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    Head and Neck Cancer Breast cancer Lung Cancers

    The most common cancer in males in India is head and neck cancer…

    Prostate & Urological Gynaecological cancer Gastrointestinal cancer

    Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancer in males…


    Radiation has been traditionally used as one of the most effective forms of treatment for tumours. But with technological advancements, new treatment methods have been devised that target the tumour aggressively…


    Since there is no incision, SBRT is not like any typical open surgery. It involves 3D imaging for targeting high doses of radiation to the area that has been affected. This means there is significantly less damage…


    Like other types of radiation therapy, SRT does not require the removal of the tumour. Instead, SRT causes the tumour to shrink by causing extensive damage to the cancerous cells, preventing it from growing.

    Ocular Oncology

    Dr. Sayan Paul who has worked as senior consultant radiation oncologist for several years in Apollo hospital Hyderabad before joining Apollo hospitals, Kolkata has treated numerous eye cancer patients and benign eye tumor…


    Dr Sayan Paul and his team of oncologists provide IGRT radiation therapy in Kolkata through Halcyon Radiation Therapy System and NovalisTx radiation therapy system with exactrac image guidance…


    When it comes to quality cancer radiation service in Kolkata, Dr. Sayan Paul is the name you can trust. He has been the pioneer in precision targeted therapy, including Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for prostate cancer…


    RapidArc, an advanced radiation therapy technique, allows oncologists to combine IMRT with a single rotation delivery of the linear accelerator. The treatment consists of an all-round rotation of the accelerator’s gantry…


    Dr. Sayan Paul is an expert in doing brachytherapy in different types of cancers. Brachytherapy is a type of radiation treatment where radioactive sources are inserted inside the tumour to treat. This is considered…

    Targeted therapy

    Targeted therapy is essentially a type of medication, which is used by cancer specialists in Kolkata to stop the growth of cancerous cells. According to Dr. Sayan Paul, who is one of the best…


    Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment modality in Kolkata with chemotherapeutic drugs or agents that help destroy the cancerous cells. Because the drugs have the ability to reach deep-seated tumours…

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