What is RapidArc Radiation Therapy

RapidArc, an advanced radiation therapy technique, allows oncologists to combine IMRT with a single rotation delivery of the linear accelerator. The treatment consists of an all-round rotation of the accelerator’s gantry with the beam being focused on the target. The dynamic use of hardware and software makes for the most state-of-the-art treatment delivery technologies, says Dr. Sayan Paul who is considered to be the best radiation oncologist in India .

During treatment, radiation beams are generally shaped to conform to the tumour’s size and shape, as the linear accelerator gyrates around the patient. Dr. Paul completes each of the treatment in less than two minutes. The speed of the treatment is important because it decreases the amount of time that an individual must remain still or avoid any form of movement.

Why it is done

RapidArc allows the radiation oncologist in Kolkata to deliver a higher dosage of radiation in order to kill cancerous cells while preventing damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. This advanced technology is quite faster than traditional radiation therapies and is more targeted. Patients usually experience fewer side effects from RapidArc radiation treatment. Dr. Sayan Paul uses Image-guided RapidArc for those who have prostate, lung, spine, breast, head and neck, or brain cancers.

Dr Sayan Paul’s approach

RapidArc is one of the many novel technologies Dr. Paul uses to treat cancer and minimize damage caused to the nearby healthy tissues. By utilizing RapidArc, the team of oncologists in Kolkata is enabling patients to be comfortable during the treatment process by reducing the time taken and minimizing the side effects while ensuring best possible outcomes.

The radiotherapies, including the ones using RapidArc, are delivered in a caring environment by cancer doctors who are dedicated to making patients’ visit as much stress-free and informative as possible. This starts with an in-depth conversation that describes the treatment, including what to expect when having the therapy, as well as probable side effects and outcomes. Personalized treatment also involves careful consideration of family history, current health status, age and the preferences of patient.

What to expect

Before undergoing treatment through RapidArc technique, the team of cancer doctors and radiation oncologists will produce three-dimensional images of your anatomy, using PET and CT scans. These photos are used for planning and delivering the radiation dose.

During the treatment process, the radiation beams constantly adjust their shape to fit in to the size and shape of the tumour while the RapidArc rotates. If the therapy causes any kind of discomfort, speak with your cancer specialist in Kolkata. If you keep them informed, they will be able to help you get through the treatment.

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