Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment modality in Kolkata with chemotherapeutic drugs or agents that help destroy the cancerous cells. Because the drugs have the ability to reach deep-seated tumours and cancerous cells in different parts of the body, chemotherapy plays a vital role as the first line of treatment or as a combination therapy with surgery or radiotherapy. According to Dr. Sayan Paul, an array of chemo drugs is now available for various types of cancers and their different stages.

Only a single dose of chemotherapeutic drugs can kill a fraction of the cancerous cells in a tumour. In order to kill all the cancer cells in the tumour/body, repeated doses of chemotherapy are required. Current Chemotherapy regimens are cyclic i.e., they are given in cycles of 1-2-3-4 weeks. Duration of chemotherapy and frequency of the cycle are governed by different factors including chemo schedule, patient response, and toxicity, says the breast and lung cancer specialist in Kolkata

Dr. Sayan Paul’s Treatment Approach

Dr. Paul and his team of oncologists take all measures to ensure that all chemotherapy drugs used are from reputed National and International brands to lessen the chances of toxicities. All forms of chemotherapies are administered and managed by a renowned group of cancer doctors, who have years of experience in managing the different side effects of chemotherapy.

What are the methods of chemo-administration

• Direct Intravenous (through the veins)
• PICC lines
• Peripheral veins
• Chemo ports
Intra-thecal (administered in the sub-arachnoid space i.e. in the sac covering the spinal cord)

Dr. Paul performs several other therapies, including hormonal, biological, and targeted therapy for combating cancer cells.

How to Prepare for the Treatment

Preparing for a chemotherapy session depends on which drugs you will be given and how they will be administered. Dr. Paul, who is considered to be one of the top 10 oncologists in Kolkata, will give you specific instructions to help prepare you for your chemotherapy treatment sessions. You may need to:

• Undergo a surgical insertion of a device before intravenous chemotherapy.
• See your dentist.
• Undergo procedures and tests to make sure your body is ready to receive chemotherapy.
• Plan in advance for side effects.
• Make necessary arrangements for help both at home and at work

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