Halcyon Radiation Therapy System – Overview

Halcyon Radiation Therapy System is the most advanced system that has revolutionized radiation therapy by providing state-of-the-art, highly-targeted cancer treatment in Kolkata with high precision and accuracy. It delivers high-quality care by optimizing three dimensional conformal, image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), intensity- modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and RapidArc radiotherapy treatments.

Why is it Used

Halcyon radiation therapy system allows Dr. Sayan Paul and his team of oncologists in Kolkata to treat various forms of cancer, including that of the lungs, breasts, head and neck, prostate, uterus and brain. With the next generation dual-layer multi-leaf collimator (MLC) of Halcyon, complex target cases are now successfully treated. It is an image guided radiation delivery system which provides better target localization before giving radiation treatment

What is the Process

• Planning of Treatment: The three-dimensional Ct scan , MRI, PET CT scan works as a guide to your radiation oncologist that helps him creating a detailed treatment plan. The plan comprises the radiation dose that the cancerous cells should receive without increasing radiation dose to surrounding normal tissues • Visualization of Tumour: The quick imaging allows the cancer doctor to visualize and accurately target the tumour. Through a detailed three-dimensional image, Dr. Paul will now know the shape, size, and precise location of the tumour. This will further assist him in determining the appropriate dose of radiation that needs to be given and the way it should be effectively delivered. • Delivery of Treatment: The radiation oncologist in Kolkata will ask you to lie down on the treatment table, ensuring that you are comfortable. Before the start of the treatment, the cancer doctor will see the image to find out the actual size and location of the tumour just before the actual treatment delivery to be sure of treating the exact area of the target as planned. Radiation will be administered by a linear accelerator (linac) that will rotate around the patient as the beam is projected. The radiation beam emitted from the Halcyon therapy system adheres to the shape of your tumour, thus minimizing impact on surrounding healthy tissue.

How long does it take

According to the best radiation oncologist in Kolkata, the course of treatment differs from one patient to another, depending upon his/her diagnosis. Halcyon Radiation Therapy System, however, is three-four times faster as compared to standard technology. The whole process takes only a few minutes. The entire process is completely painless .

What happens after the radiation therapy

A follow-up with Dr. Sayan Paul will be scheduled during which the progress of recovery will be monitored. You may discuss the side effects you are experiencing or share your concerns about the treatment.

How is Halcyon System superior than traditional treatment

• Fast: Imaging is completed in just 15 seconds, while the entire treatment is performed in just 9 steps. • Precise: Tumours can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy due to the dual-layer multi-leaf collimator, a device that emits radiation, conforming to the size and shape of the tumor. • Comprehensive: Offers comprehensive treatment forprostate, lungs, uterus, brain, head and neck, and breast cancers. • Comfortable: A low treatment table and wide bore provide comfort to the patient. • Safety: Increased safety is ensured through the use of intercom and integrated cameras, which also help to establish close connection between patient and doctor.

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