Head & Neck , Breast, Lung Cancers

The most common cancer in males in India is head and neck cancer. Radiation therapy is one of the main modalities of Head and neck cancer treatment in Kolkata, sometimes used along with chemotherapy. With radiation and chemotherapy, voice and swallowing function can be preserved in larynx cancer. Radiation therapy for head and neck cancer requires skill and High-end technologies. Dr. Sayan Paul, one of the best head and neck oncologists in Kolkata, is trained at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. He is treating Head and Neck cancer patients with the most advanced IMRT technique for several years with excellent results.
Radiotherapy is an integral part of breast cancer treatment in Kolkata and with radiotherapy, the breast can be conserved. With limited surgery and radiation, the cure rates and cosmetic outcomes are excellent. Dr. Sayan Paul practices modern techniques like Deep Inspiratory Breath Hold (DIBH) to reduce the cardiac side effects of radiotherapy. Only a few centers in India have the technology and expertise to do this special technique.
Dr. Sayan Paul is one of the best-trained radiation oncologists who can treat early-stage Lung cancer with Stereotactic Body radiotherapy (SBRT) or Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR). This is a painless method to cure early lung cancer avoiding surgery in patients who are medically unfit for surgery with excellent cure rates. Dr. Sayan also treats advanced lung cancer cases that are inoperable with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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