Dr Sayan Paul and his team of oncologists provide IGRT radiation therapy in Kolkata through Halcyon Radiation Therapy System and NovalisTx radiation therapy system with exactrac image guidance . IGRT involves a combination of Intensity modulated radiation treatment, along with a concurrent cone beam CT scan that allows for an increased precision and accuracy while targeting and treating tumours.

Frequent 3D Ct scans are captured during the course of precision targeted therapy, to make sure that the treatment volume is being precisely targeted. These images are captured after the patient is correctly set up for the treatment. Once the oncologist acquires the image, it automatically integrates with the planning CT. Upon integration of the two images, the advanced software can visualize whether the treatment volume is on or off target from the planned target. Dr. Paul then makes the necessary adjustments to make sure that accurate treatment is offered.

In traditional Radiation Therapy, the area at risk is specifically targeted while a margin is assumed around that area, allowing for changes in the position of the patient and possible movement of the targeted area. Using IGRT cancer treatment, the margins can be accurately minimized, sparing the healthy tissues that do not otherwise need treatment.

According to Dr. Paul, IGRT has opened the door to true 4D radiation treatment. Aside from dealing with the three dimensions of space, IGRT radiation therapy deals more effectively with the issue of tumour motion in time, the fourth dimension using 4D simulation, imaging, treatment planning, treatment delivery, and verification. This is very helpful in lung and liver tumours.

Since inhaling and exhaling move organs as we breathe, it is quite difficult for the radiation and clinical oncologists to aim radiation at a tumour site without involving the nearby organs. It is particularly true in the abdomen and chest areas. An active breathing control device ensures the safety of nearby organs by keeping them away from getting exposed to unnecessary radiation, providing clinicians with an accurate method for delivering radiation. This breathing synchronized or controlled radiation treatment is very helpful for breast cancer patients and long term cardiac toxicities can be avoided.

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