Breast Cancer is common among Indian women and is steadily rising in rural and urban settings. Breast cancer news comes as a substantial physiological and psychological shock. You may feel lost or out of touch with reality. It is entirely normal. However, learning about the disease and planning ahead goes a long way.

Five facts about early stages of breast cancer

Dr. Sayan Paul, a breast cancer doctor in Kolkata, has compiled a list of 5 facts about the early stages of breast cancer that you should know before going into your treatment.

  1. Need for psycho-social care – Breast cancer is huge news and it is natural to feel mentally distressed. “The news can significantly disorient and disorder not only the patients but also their family members,” says Dr. Sayan Paul, a breast cancer treatement in kolkata. . Anxiety, panic, and stress are among the typical psychological effects that comes with breast cancer. It is essential to help or seek help in coping with depression, fear, and anxiety about the recurrence or progression.
  2.  Personalized treatment – Breast cancer treatment varies according to its stages. In the early stages (Stage 1 and 2), the tumor remains small and does not spread to other body parts. The oncologists, depending on the breast cancer type and the tumor grade, decides the treatment.Years of scientific advances have now made personalized treatments for breast cancer possible. The biology of patients’ tumors is now studied to decide the ideal cure. Possibilities of personalized treatments are positive, if you’ve been diagnosed with early-stage of breast cancer.
  3. Managing professional life – You will need to deal with several factors in your work life. You might experience biases in your office. Employers might not assign you important jobs or projects due to uncertainty or lack of confidence in your ability. Co-workers might start treating you differently- with more care and support or the opposite. It would be best if you dealt with these changes at your workplace with maturity.
  4. Early Stage, High Survival Rate – Upon early detection, the chances of effective treatment are significantly higher. In later stages of cancer, the tumor grows in size and the cancer spreads to other parts of the body, affecting your treatment and survival. Late detection is the leading cause of death related to breast cancer.
  5. Support from friends and family – If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is crucial to seek the support of your family, friends, and spouse.

If anyone in your family has breast cancer, here are some ways you can help them:

  • Be patient
  • Try to be empathetic when you communicate
  • Learn about the disease and its treatment options as much as possible
  • Let them know that you will always be there
  • Address their financial concerns and plan about how you will manage the expenses
  • Help them deal with health insurance policies
  • Try to be physically present when they need help and support
  • Address their emotions and emotional needs

If you witness any symptoms of breast cancer it is best to consult a cancer specialist as soon as possible. Consult Dr. Sayan Paul to get the best breast cancer treatement in kolkata.

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