What Is SBRT?

SBRT or stereotactic body radiotherapy is a very precise treatment done by using a computer to direct several radiation beams to a cancer tumour from different angles. The radiation dose of this treatment is higher than the standard radiation therapy and is more accurate in hitting the right spot, therefore, reducing the chances of harming the nearby, healthy tissues. It is recommended to patients with certain kinds of cancer, such as lung cancer.

How does it work?

The radiation of SBRT treatment damages the DNA of cancer cells, preventing them from growing and dividing. Eventually, the cancer cells die and the tumour gets smaller, says Dr Sayan Paul, the best lung SBRT specialist in kolkata.

What to expect after SBRT treatment for lung cancer?

After the SBRT treatment procedure a patient should expect the following:

  • Patients may encounter a temporary increase in pain or nausea
  • The patient can drink and eat after the treatment
  • One can usually bounce back to regular activities within one to two days
  • Often, one can go home the same day of the treatment
  • SBRT does not include surgical incisions. Hence, it does not have the risk of complications with anesthesia, infection and bleeding, which can be encountered in traditional surgeries

Early complications or side effects after SBRT treatment of lung cancer:


Fatigue and tiredness can occur in the first few days after SBRT treatment.


Swelling can occur at or near the treatment site, which can cause a temporary increase in pain. 

Nausea and vomiting

Patients may encounter temporary nausea or vomiting if the radiated tumor resides near the bowel or liver.

Redness and itchiness

Redness like sunburn and itchiness can occur in the area where the patient receives the radiation.

Rare side effects of SBRT for lung cancer

According to the best lung cancer specialist in kolkata Dr Sayan Paul, some rare side effects are encountered by patients and these can occur months after treatment, which includes:

  • Fragile bones that may break
  • Changes in bowel movements
  • Swollen arms and legs
  • Changes in spinal cord
  • Changes in lungs

Tips to follow after SBRT treatment

To avoid any complications after the therapy, one can try the tips mentioned below:

  • Take as much rest as possible
  • Maintain a balanced and healthy diet
  • Try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, you can consult the best lung SBRT specialist in kolkata Dr Sayan Paul.

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